My names is Daniel and I am an illustrator and graphic designer

I am based in Denmark, and as an artist I am very inspired by Nordic Mythology, which is why you will often see my art related to that and usually it is going to be quite colorful.

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Did you know?

It is pretty tough to be a freelance designer.
Here is a few reasons why, and I am being blunt.

1. First of all, people want things done yesterday.
They will literally come up with the idea today, and they need it for tomorrow.

2. People think they can get things done for free or for pennies… Or some people even think it is okay to drop by with a cake and then get their job done.

3. They know what they want, but they don’t know as well, which means something like a lot of people have
absolutely no imagination, so they have seen something that they liked, but they do not want the same at all.

Some of my good experiences

It does indeed feel rewarding, when people love your work.


1. Those clients, who just loves your work, even though you did hundreds of projects for them, 99% of it, was a straight ace. That is just awesome!
2. Between clients, there are some extremely nice ones, who is always kind of able to cheer you up with their silly mails, gotta love those guys.
3. And of course, just in general those clients who keeps coming back over and over, as a general thing, that is just great to keep working with the same.

It is a special online community, where artists share their work.
I have shared some of my work there, and you can buy it on phone cases, posters and a lot of other stuff.