Daily designer

Hey guys, welcome to my page – check out my art!

I created this website after having spent moooooonths searching for the right job.
It was extremely difficult, it just didn’t come by itself. So I had to do something…

Then I made this website and started my own company – as a Graphic Designer and as a salesman. I had jobs as a Graphic- and Web Designer, and that was going great, but my website still was not really selling any posters…
– My dream is clear, I want to share my creativity, but not just as posters, but also as paintings and much more! Check out my Instagram to see some of the things I do.

Now…¬† Here we are, yeap I took upon a full time job, as a Graphic Designer¬† – and yeah I am still working on my dream of having my own company!

Daniel Vind

Poster art by Daniel Vind

Fit your walls with art, create a unique atmosphere. The purpose with art is not just inspiration, it has to make you feel cozy in your own home!

My art is inspired by a mix of feelings and fantasy. I love to bring colors into my works.

As a Graphic Designer I constantly see these dull simplistic colors everywhere – black and white. I have seen livingrooms that were basically just black, white and greyish.

“If you want your home to feel like a home, a cozy place that you can relax, then you need to add lots of colors! Because colors give warmth.”

– Daniel Vind

Daniel Vind

It is a special online community, where artists share their work.
I have shared some of my work there, and you can buy it on phone cases, posters and a lot of other stuff.