The Fenris Wolf


Fenrir, the old Norse name for the Fenris Wolf. Which means, the swamp living beast (Fen-Dweller) Which leads us on to the other name Fenris had.: Vanargand, which means the River-Monster.
In short, Fenris, was a supernaturally huge wolf beast, which is spoken of in numerous stories in the Nordic Mythology and other Germanic mythologies.

Surprisingly, the father of this beast was Loki, who was half Aesir and the other half of Jotun descendancy (mother was Angerboda). The Jotuns were known for a very special bloodline, with a tremendous chance of mutation or corruption if you will, but mixed with the bloodline of the Aesir gods, extreme outcomes occured.

Floki was only the father of Fenrir, but also Hel and Jormungand (the goddess of death and the world Serpent).
When Fenris was born, he was a tiny little runt, growing up in Midgard. The Gods were happy about him, but he grew fast and he became extremely huge in a matter of a short time. It quickly became obvious that Fenris would become a danger to the Aesir gods. They actually became scared of him.

At first they tried to control, first with their magical powers and it worked for a short period of time, but Fenris became stronger and at some point, none of the gods dared to try and control him anymore.

As he kept growing and growing, into a size that he would actually be able to swallow any of the gods whole the gods decided they would have to chain him, before he would become too big of a risk.

So then the gods had a special chain created to hold Fenris, the chain was named Obedient, and they convinced Fenris to let himself chain, as a test to see how strong he was, but Fenris immediately broke the chain.

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The gods had another chain created, this chain was named Drome. Yet again Fenris broke the chain with ease.

Now the gods had to look elsewhere for better smiths, and as most know in history of the Nordic Mythology, no one can compete with the mighty dwarves, when it comes to smithing.
The dwarves can smith with magic, and their creations are quite famous.

The dwarves smithed the chain named Gleipner, and it was made by some quite peculiar materials.: Breath of the fish, spit of the birds, Bear tendons, mountain roots, the noise of cat paws, and a dwarvish woman beard. The chain was quite thin, so when the gods challenged Fenris this time, Fenris got suspicious and required that Tyr (the god of war) would put his left arm into his mouth. When the chain got tightened and Fenris could not get free, he immediately bit off Tyr’s arm (underarm and hand completely gone). The Fenris wolf has since been bound and chained in a cave in Jotunheim (An actual Nationalpark in Norway).

The saying goes, that Fenris will howl in rage until Ragnarok. Because he has been chained in the cave ever since. For how long this should be no one really knows, but chronologically it would at least be before year 500 in our time recollection.

Across and inside his mouth Fenris has a sword, the gods placed it there to make sure the raging wolf would not grab them, whilst they were chaining him. Therefor Fenris cannot close his mouth and the froth that runs out of his mouth is the rapid river flowing through Jotunheim.

The prophecy says, that at Ragnarok Fenris will finally break free of his magical chains and thereafter. Upon breaking them, the Gods will try to stop him, but Fenris will swallow Odin whole. Thor tried to stop Fenris, but did not manage to do so in time, after this Thor will kill Fenris with Odin’s spear “Gungner”, by throwing it straight into his mouth, with such a high speed that it goes straight through him and out through his back. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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