How many views do you need on pinterest?

So first of all, it is not really so important how many views you have on your pinterest.
What is important then? It is very important how engaging your target group is.

There is two particular things to that: How likely is the people in your targeted groups to click your pins? And how good are your pins, are they interesting enough to get clicks?

For example: You have over a million views per month, but if people don’t click your pins, then you may as well have not have any?
On the other hand, you could have a lot fewer views, let’s say 45.000 per month, but people click your pins and visit your page A LOT.
That is where it starts to get interesting.

Don't get hung up on the viewers!

It’s pinterest, viewers will come naturally. What you need to focus on, is that your pins are awesome, and poking a bit at the viewers curiousity. Another thing is the keywords, in your pins, they are quite important, because pinterest in itself is a search engine.

A few things that you can focus on:

  1. Create quality pins, interesting images and consider the image width and height ratio.
  2. Your titles needs keywords related to the pin.
  3. Create more boards, and pin each post to an appropriate board.
  4. Inside each pin, you can add a description, make good use of that, it can be the reason the viewer will click or not.
  5. If you don’t have enough boards, then make more and make sure they have good titles and descriptions (it is very important if you want people to find your pins). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Pinterest has more than 320 millions active users per month, and you can look into a lot details about who they are and what they look for.

With more than 200 billions pins, you can imagine that there is space for a little bit of everything. So whatever your brand or product is, there is options for you to make campaigns and profit.

According to the statistics 71% of the global Pinterest users are female.

  • 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan life moments, compared to 44% for Instagram and 53% for Facebook.
  • 43% plan on getting their ideal home within the next five years.
  • 58% say it helps them make shopping and purchasing decisions.
So in other words, they use it to organize and plan for what they want or need to buy. Without too much consideration, this can easily translate into valuable pins, because if the pins they save, are direct links to products – they may be likely to buy the product directly through your link. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

450% increase in dads searching for DIY projects

During the last 2 years (2018-2020)

There has been a 3x increase in males using Pinterest and a 450% increase in dads searching for DIY projects to do with their kids.

  • 82% say they find new products on the platform.
  • In 2018, Pinterest saw a 450% increase in dads searching for DIY projects to do with their kids.
  • Dads are 1.2x more likely to search for healthy recipes than male Pinners as a whole.
  • Dads are less likely to scroll through a feed to find what they’re looking for. They actively search 62% more than the average Pinner.
  • They’re 3x more likely to have shared boards than the average male Pinner.

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