Bjorn Ironside, dead or alive?

Did Bjorn ACTUALLY die on that last episode of Vikings? (Care might be spoilers for you here)

So, in the show it seems Bjorn dies by the hand of Ivar. He gets the sword right through him, definitely a deadly blow, BUT there seems to be a plot twist coming up. BECAUSE – BOTH Bjorn (aka Alexander Ludvig) and HBO has been out there talking about this situation, AND personally I have the idea that these scenes on the beach is happening inside the head of Ivar.

First of all, how would Ivar get there to him, behind him? Ivar was crawling up the mountain side, and would probably not even be able to be there yet and he would most likely also be headed straight towards the town (as shown in plans in the show).

Secondly: When Alexander was asked about the whole thing his answer was:

We don't really know that, do we? I've been ordered by the powers higher than me that I'm not allowed to speak on the subject.

So what can we interpret this answer like?

I’d say it definitely means that Bjorn is alive, and that we can expect a whole different ending, hopefully for the good.
– One thing that I fear though is that Gunhild will die, because of his face during the show, when she was fighting.

So, I am thinking that situation we saw in the show, never even happened and hoping to see a different outcome in the next episode. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

What do you guys think about Ivar and Hvitserk during the invasion?

I mean, we all know they’re both crazy, but they seem WAYYYYYY too happy and excited about invading their own home country if you ask me?
– But that might be up to nowadays standards, as if you check through Viking stories, it was VERY common, to attack your own family and brothers, PARTICULAR for kings and earls.

Still, they do both look wayyyy too insane both of them in these scenes. Really great acting.
- Still wouldn't mind to see them both dead by now.

My guess is that Hvitserk will kill Ivar in the end though.
- What do you think? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});